Peoples’ Assembly « Financing the social and ecological transition »

Montreuil, 6 December 2015


Our planet is burning and governments are looking away. Climate change is already a tragedy for millions and threatens life as we know it on this planet. Yet the 196 parties of the Paris Climate Conference are unable to find additional $100 billion a year to fund the Green Climate Fund. And much more is needed.


But we, from social movements throughout the world, we know where is the money to finance a clean future.


  1. Tax havens

We need to stop tax evasion in order to increase fiscal revenues of national states. We also need to stop the money that goes to criminal and terrorist activities.

Right now, we want all countries and their dependent territories to create public registries of the real beneficial owners of companies registered in their territory.

Just after that, we want all countries to fully comply with the new global Common Reporting Standard for automatic information exchange on bank accounts.

Today we launch the international call for action “Chairs for climate justice” against banks that deal with tax havens.

  1. Debt

We need to alleviate the burden of debt on public budgets. We also need to end with the domination of financial markets and banks over democratically elected governments.

Right now, we want a 100% cancellation of multilateral debts as part of the total cancellation of debts claimed from the South, without externally imposed conditionalities.

Just after that, we want Citizens Audits of public debts and restructuration / cancellation of illegitimate and/or unsustainable debts.

  1. Global taxes

We need to fund international action against poverty and climate change. We also need to discourage financial speculation and carbon emissions. And we need to prevent social and ecological dumping.

Right now, we want a Global Financial Transaction Tax with large scope and no loopholes.

Just after that, we want global taxes on transport emissions (airplane tickets, kilometer tax…).

  1. Fossil fuels

We need to reduce toxic public spending and harmful private investment, in order to free resources for renewable energies.

Right now, we want the end of fossil fuel subsidies without hurting the poor.

Just after that, we want all financial actors to divest themselves from fossil fuels.

  1. Banks

We need to fund private and public projects for decarboning the economy and create climate jobs by the millions. We also need to make banks accountable to civil society and the public.

Right now, we want Central Banks to do quantitative easing not for private banks but for the people and the planet. We want public and private banks to stop financing fossil fuels.

Just after that, we want a democratic governance of banks by their stakeholders.


There will be no peace without climate justice.