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From Tuesday 5th until Thursday 7th of April 2016, the MCE Deepwater Development Summit will take place in Pau, with the aim of bringing together strategic decision-makers within the deepwater oil and gas market. Hosted by Total, leaders from Shell, Exxon, Repsol, BP, Total etc. as well as different deepwater oil and gas operators specialised in exploration, drilling or exploitation will meet. The announced objective is to “bring together strategic decision-makers within the deepwater oil and gas market. […] The event creates an unique opportunity for these members of industry to engage in critical dialogue around the future of our industry.”(1)

Indeed, “The unique dynamics of our current downcycle in the global oil and gas industry requires a structural and fundamental shift in the way we develop our offshore, and specifically deepwater, discoveries.” It will deal with finding common strategies by “reduc[ing] costs significantly in order for deepwater to remain competitive reassess[ing ]how to develop deepwater fields and […] us[ing] MCE Deepwater Development as a means to connect with industry specialists and companies who can propose ways for us and our collaborative partners to realise the most meaningful results.” In short, it deals with “provid[ing] a focused event, based in Europe and completely dedicated to the advancement of Global exploration and production.”(2)

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The 12th of December 2015, COP21 ended with the adoption of the Paris Agreement by the international community, with the aim to contain global warming below the +2°C threshold until 2100, if not below +1.5°C. Michael Greenstone, ex-leader of the White House economic department, maintains that if we burn all fossil fuel reserves, global warming would reach +9°C. This would be a climate genocide. From there, how could we accept that oil and gas industries meet in order to figure out how to continue to explore and exploit new oil and gas reserves?

How could we accept that economic decision-makers, guided by profits and dividends, consciously choose to lead the world towards climate chaos and all its consequences: rising sea-levels, ocean acidification, multiplication of extreme weather events such as long-term droughts, intense precipitations and brutal flooding, hurricanes, increasing hunger and drinking-water shortage, forced migration of hundreds of millions of human beings, and all kinds of wars and crises?

Only just 4 months after COP21, the strategies that these “decision-makers” want to develop in Pau, lead us straight to uncontrollable and irreversible runaway climate change. This is a premeditated crime.

We have to prevent them from committing it! 



The COP21 Non-Violent-Action Movement calls upon all climate and oceans defenders to come to Pau from 5th to 7th of April this year in order to physically prevent the holding of the MCEDD summit.

We call everybody to act in a 100% non-violent way, by taking clear and public responsibility for this act of massive and determined civil disobedience. We ask everybody who will join us to do it with their faces uncovered, to respect the personal integrity of our adversaries, and to comply with the action rules we will define together.

We will multiply actions and massive mobilisations during three days, in order to physically prevent the holding or the successful conduct of the MCEDD summit.

COP21 objectives will remain a dead letter if citizens do not involve themselves in a decisive manner to prevent fossil fuels extraction and combustion, responsible for 80% of worldwide CO2-emissions, the root cause of climate change.

The fate of this crucial fight for humanity is in the hands of our generation !


(1) and (2) All quotations are translations from letters and invitation files (written in English) of MCE Deepwater Development.

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