196 civil society representatives from around the world expected at the 196 Chairs Summit

Sunday 6 December, 12:00—13:00

Place Jean Jaurès, Montreuil


196 international delegates of the civil society, representing a diversity of cultures and movements committed to fighting climate change, are expected to sit at the 196 Chairs Summit on 6th December, during the Climate Forum in Montreuil (in the East of Paris), in front of the town hall.

The 196 chairs have been requisitioned in banks involved in tax evasion. This civic requisition movement was launched to link tax evasion and the lack of funding for climate, in particular the annual 100 billion dollars promised from 2020 to developing countries to finance climate adaptation.

On September 30, a “Call for the civic requisition of 196 chairs before and during COP 21” had been launched by 77 personalities, among whom Susan George, Patrick Viveret and Edgar Morin. The goal has been met and overcome.

196 requisitioned chairs will welcome 196 NGO representatives, indigenous people leaders and climate justice activists from more than 40 countries.

Marcos Arruda (economist from Brazil), Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (coordinator of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad), Anabella Rosemberg (International Trade Union Confederation),Yeb Saño (Filipino negotiator at COP 21) and other spokesperson from the five continents will proclaim the “peoples’ solutions for financing the transition“: financial transaction tax, carbon tax, adaptation mechanisms for impacted communities, etc.

The 196 Chairs Summit will follow a roundtable on “Financing the social and ecological transition”, during which these solutions will be debated by a panel of civil society leaders: John Christensen (Tax Justice Network), Aissatou Diouf (Enda), Bill McKibben (350.org), Lidy Nacpil (Jubillee South – Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development), Vandana Shiva (Navdanya) et Aurélie Trouvé (Attac France). It will take place from 10am to noon at La Parole Errante, Montreuil.


This peoples’ summit aims to turn the civic requisition and circulation of chairs into a global mass movement in order to put finance finally at the service of peoples and nature.